PodCampWest update. Where are we?

PodCampWest is coming along very well.

I just noticed that I have not updated the blog in a while. Let me give a quick update.

We had the venue locked down last month. We are pinging the sponsors to raise the money.

I just checked the Wiki, we have 108 registrations so far for the Podcamp. Thank you folks for registering. The venue can take upto 250 people.

Please promote PodCampWest uncocnference on you blog/website, this is your event, community event. We got to make sure all the folks who want to attend get the message. Many thanks to the following for actively promoting the PodCampWest. The community thanks you.

  1. Fat Calico Blog : http://foneshow.blogspot.com/ : FoneShow has developed a unique platform that lets users consume podcasts and other short-form audio on their cell phones.
  2. Matthew Wayne Selznick, The Brave Men Run Podcast Novel, Sonitotum, the Podcast Guild. Matt Selznick is an author, editor, writing coach, musician, podcaster, and advocate for the DIY ethic.
  3. Interfaith Today : http://www.interfaithtoday.org/ : This podcast highlights the work of the global Interfaith Movement.
  4. Pradeep Sethi : http://psethi.wordpress.com
  5. Another Blogger/Mother/Citizen. Three Kid Circus, Mommybloggers : http://www.threekidcircus.com/threekidcircus/
  6. Jonas Thomander : http://www.sanojfilm.se
  7. Giovanni Gallucci : http://www.theagencyblog.com/ : http://www.mediaswamp.com/
  8. Colette Vogele : http://cyberlaw.stanford.edu/blogs/vogele/ : Colette Vogele heads the firm Vogele & Associates advising individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations on a range of intellectual property questions (including copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, and privacy issues) as they relate to technology, new media and the arts. As a fellow, she has recently completed co-authoring the Podcasting Legal Guide: Rules for the Revolution.
  9. Martin Mckeay : http://www.mckeay.net/ Network Security Blog, http://www.computerworld.com/blogs/blog/61 Computerworld : Network security professional
  10. Les Bain : http://www.biziii.com/ Mike Hughes and I create a daily three minute podcast about the converge of media and technology.
  11. Brian Solis BrianSolis.com Blog
  12. Spodradio SPodRadio Delivering the Total Radio Experience to mobile broadband users.
  13. Brad Baldwin, Personal: House of Baldwin and Rocky Mountain Voices, a PodTech.net content parter site devoted to technology, entrepreneurs, business, and lifestyle podcasts in the Rocky Mountain region.

Today and tomorrow, I am pinging the Sponsors to raise some money to pay the bills. If you want to help this event by sponsoring or by making any kind of contribution, please ping me. We need your help, support and sponsorship. If you can get a sponsor for PodCampWest please do so and make and introduction.

I will also be posting in Yahoo and Google groups today.

Thats all for now. I am off now to attend http://Startupcamp.org for the rest of the afternoon and meet some friends.

[Edit] Pinging Update: Somebody pointed out that we are not indexed by technorati and Search Engines. Pinging the engines here:

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