PodCamp West After Party @ Cafe du Nord ,Nov. 18th 6:00 PM

More Good News.

For the PodCamp West attendees, there will be an ‘after party‘ on Saturday, November 18th, from 6 to 8pm at the Cafe du Nord bar located in the same building. Make sure you are registered and on the guest list to attend the party.

The folks need to mingle and have some fun after a long day of geek talk. Thank you very much to all for making it happen.


9 responses to “PodCamp West After Party @ Cafe du Nord ,Nov. 18th 6:00 PM

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  2. Just a point of clarification — you write “make sure you are registered and on the guest list.”

    Does being registered put us on the guest list, or is that a separate process?

  3. Good question.

    If you are registered on the PodCamp Wiki you are automatically on the Guest list.

    No additional steps are required. 🙂

    -Vic Podcaster

  4. I am registered for PodCamp and would like to bring a guest to the Cafe du Nord evening event on Saturday.

    May I ask you to add the name of Amy Jacobson-Kurokawa (of the Producer’s Guild of America) to the Saturday evening event Guest list?

    — Pat

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  6. Superb! (I wrote something else and then I read below that I aint supposed ter. So I deleted it.)

  7. My town has a western festival coming up in just two months. That is certainly not enough time to organize a podcamp. It is, however, enough time to get podcamp enthusiasts to travel to Middletown, CA to see if one might work next year and how to go about it. Our festival is Father’s Day Weekend. Is there anyone living in Northern California that might be willing to come and see if a podcamp could work at “Middletown Days?” Listen, we were able to attract the Fox News Channel last year. I think we could attract a decent podcamp next year. We simply need to see how that might work. The best way to do that is to come for the festival and connect up with me.

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