PodCamp West – WiFi is up and running

Larry setup and tested PodCamp West WiFi network today. Thank you larry, ‘The Networking Guru’, you rock. Larry tweaked the WiFi base station to get every ounce of signal he could get, by using custom Linux firmware. So officially the Podcamp West wifi is running on Linux. 🙂

We are getting good solid 54Mbps throughout the venue on both levels.

There are two WiFi bases setup. Here are the names/id you will see.

1. Podcampwest1

2. Podcampwest2

WEP key for both the WiFi stations is ‘Podcasting’ . Lets keep the WEP key a secret… shhhhhhh…. 😉

-Vic Podcaster


5 responses to “PodCamp West – WiFi is up and running

  1. What is the encryption? 128 bit or 64 bit?
    Passphrase or ASCII?
    Index [] style 1 or something else?


  2. What is the pipe out? DSL? T1? Dialup?

  3. The WEP encryption is just 64 BIT. All you need to set your system up for is the WEP key.

    The pipe OUT is wireless also! 🙂 This is a product I have made and the backbone uses any of the mobile broadband services provided by Verizon, Sprint or Vodaphone.

    Connections rates vary depending on the network load at the cell tower, and proximity to the tower.

    During testing at the hall we had a total throughput of about 1MB/sec.

    This system has no bandwidth throttling for clients, so I would appreciate it if everyone plays nice with each other. Please keep huge honking downloads to a minimum please.

    Additionally, these Wifi AP can be used for peer to peer networking. So, feel free to share files with each other.

    If anyone has problems or needs help, just find me, I’m the CIA guy. I can also be reached on my cell at : 650-669-1942


  4. WEP encryption is turned off for PodCampWest1 AP point.

    PodCampWest2 might show up as if it needs a WEP key, but you can either leave the key blank.


    PS: Please find me if you have any problems or if you need help connecting to the AP points (PodCampWest 1 & 2)

    Note: Please make sure your using DHCP for everything, including your DNS servers.

  5. The coverage for the WiFI is excellent in the main hall, and the lecture hall upstairs.

    However, in the front/vendor lounge the coverage might be a little spotty.


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