PodCamp West Count Down – 2 days left

PodCamp West is only 2 days away. You coming to the Pre-Party … Right…?

Oh! Today was a very hectic day. I spent almost all my afternoon and evening at the PodCamp West venue. I am sorry if you called or emailed me and I did not get back to you…

So what we did today…

  1. We did the layout at the venue and organized both the halls, and got the stage ready.
  2. Networking – We brought two live network links and tested the WiFi – We got full venue covered including corners. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going back to take care of the following:

  1. Audio System in the main hall.
  2. Bring in Water & Soda.
  3. Bring in Chips, snacks, energy bars to get you going throughout the day.
  4. Setting up the snacks and drinks counter
  5. Layout the Sponsors demo area.

Thanks are in order – many thanks to Larry and Jetu, for helping me out doing this back breaking work, moving chairs and tables and organizing things. For those who don’t know, Larry and Jetu are both volunteering for PodCampWest and have given almost this entire week to help prepare for the PodCampWest. Larry is a networking guru and Jetu is a mobility experts and plays with cell phone handsets at chip level. Both are cool guys and you will meet them at the PodCamp West.

Thanks to Mr. Guy, the event hall manager, for giving us the venue two days in advance. J You rock and the whole community thanks you. Having early access to the venue is so great and comforting.

The venue is looking very nice. More later.

-Vic Podcaster


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