Podcamp West PreParty – We had a blast

We had a blast at the PodCamp West pre-party at The Mint.

Karaoke bar added spice to the party mood with the folks singing on the stage. It was fun to listen to different podcasters singing and watch them dance. Normally you hear these folks only talk on their show — but if you show up at the PodCampWest pre-party, you also get to watch them dance and sing. 😉

I will post the pictures later – got to catch some sleep tonight for tomorrows day long event and after party.

See you all at the PodCampWest on Saturday.

-Vic Podcaster


2 responses to “Podcamp West PreParty – We had a blast

  1. It was a fine weekend spent with some fine folks. Thanks to all who made it so.

  2. Oh, had I only known there was karaoke! I got into town a little late, and opted out of the pre-party. Now I wish I’d gotten up the energy.

    So it goes. The weekend was great. Tremendous props to Vic and his team.

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