PodCamp West – what a blast

PodCamp West is over. It was such a blast, and I am still recovering from it.

Got to go back to Venue today with Jitu to clean-up and do some paper work.

I will update the blog later in date after I had some sleep.

– Vic Podcaster


7 responses to “PodCamp West – what a blast

  1. Vic, Great time. Thanks for all your efforts. Felt the beginning of something bigger. It will be cool if you can create some type of continued “group” so we can stay connected.

  2. Vic, I had a great time, thanks for your efforts. I wish I had been able to make it back for the second day of the conference.

  3. Yeah thanks for the great efforts Vic. You and your team did a great job! Cant wait to do podcamp LA.


    Thanks for an awesome event, Vic (and crew)! I learned lots and met swell folks. I left the powercord for my Toshiba laptop plugged in at one of the tables in the back. Please let me know if it turned up in the cleanup efforts yesterday. Ooh, Podcamp LA, I’ll have to tell a newbie. 😉

  5. Excellent job Vic and crew — well done. Count me in for PodCamp L.A. — I’ll help in whatever way I’m best suited.

    Can’t wait!

  6. A great weekend with great folk, thanks to everyone for making it happen.

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