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PodCamp West – what a blast

PodCamp West is over. It was such a blast, and I am still recovering from it.

Got to go back to Venue today with Jitu to clean-up and do some paper work.

I will update the blog later in date after I had some sleep.

– Vic Podcaster


Podcamp West PreParty – We had a blast

We had a blast at the PodCamp West pre-party at The Mint.

Karaoke bar added spice to the party mood with the folks singing on the stage. It was fun to listen to different podcasters singing and watch them dance. Normally you hear these folks only talk on their show — but if you show up at the PodCampWest pre-party, you also get to watch them dance and sing. 😉

I will post the pictures later – got to catch some sleep tonight for tomorrows day long event and after party.

See you all at the PodCampWest on Saturday.

-Vic Podcaster

PodCamp West Official Toolbar for your browser – Get instant updates and breaking news

We got cool custom toolbar for PodCampWest. Thanks to Reena Jadhav for helping out and putting it together for us. I was so thoroughly impressed with the toolbar features when I saw it, I knew that I had to share the story with you. Not only does this cool customized toolbar gives you up to minute updates, it also allows you to check all your web mail automatically and notifies you when new mail arrives.

As the new content is posted on PodCampWest Wiki, or the PodCampWest Blog is updated toolbar notifies you instantaneously. Also after the conference, when the PodCampWest site will be updated with recorded conference proceedings, you will instantly know what is available.

Download Official PodCampWest ToolBar and get instant updates

Reena works for a company called Conduit, a company headquarted in Israel and Redwood Shores, CA. Conduit is helping build the PodCamp West community by providing us a custom toolbar, and are also one of the silver sponsors for PodCamp West. Thank you Conduit.

As per Reena, “Conduit delivers unprecedented community loyalty and site traffic for over 125,000 publishers, including major brands such as Major League Baseball, Fox Carolina TV, Greenpeace, REMAX, Blogdigger and small and medium publishers in 112 countries around the globe. Conduit’s innovative search monetization model allows the service to be completely free and without adware, malware and spyware.”

PodCamp West Sessions – Sessions page is now unlocked on PodCampWest Wiki

We have done our best to schedule the Panels on Track 1 and accommodate as many folks as we could. Please do not make any changes to Track 1.

The session’s page on PodCampWest Wiki is now ‘unlocked’. That means you can make changes to Track 2.

Track 2 is for you to add your sessions/talk and many slots are open on both days. Email me if you have any difficulties adding the sessions – modifying the page is pretty straight forward. All the table layout and time info is already there. All you have to do is just remove the text which says ‘open slot’ in a time slot in Track 2 and type-in your session/talk description.

-Vic Podcaster

Volunteers needed to help record the Podcamp West sessions

PodCamp West for sure is a historic event and we need volunteers to help record the sessions, both as Audio and Video – every single bit of it. We want to make sure that no portion is missed and every single event is recorded and available to folks who could not attend or want to watch later.

Bring in your gear, your recording rig, your camera, your video camera and add yourself to the PodcampWest Wiki Volunteer page saying that you will be recording. The whole community will thank you.

PodCamp West – WiFi is up and running

Larry setup and tested PodCamp West WiFi network today. Thank you larry, ‘The Networking Guru’, you rock. Larry tweaked the WiFi base station to get every ounce of signal he could get, by using custom Linux firmware. So officially the Podcamp West wifi is running on Linux. 🙂

We are getting good solid 54Mbps throughout the venue on both levels.

There are two WiFi bases setup. Here are the names/id you will see.

1. Podcampwest1

2. Podcampwest2

WEP key for both the WiFi stations is ‘Podcasting’ . Lets keep the WEP key a secret… shhhhhhh…. 😉

-Vic Podcaster

PodCamp West Audio system – We need help

Some folks have emailed me asking about the audio system. Here is what we will be setting up tomorrow:

In the main hall (downstairs), we are setting up the sound system tomorrow. Sound system consists of a small ( 8 channel) Mackie board with 5 stage microphones, small table stands and JPL speakers.

In fact we are short… and need help.

1. …if you can help bring a mic or two, please do. We will really appreciate it.

2. Also it will be awesome, if you can help with a Wireless mic, which we can use to get the questions from the audience.

The hall upstairs has a seating capacity of 60 people. The acoustics of the hall are good and no sound system is required.

Bring in your mobile Podcasting rig/gear if you want to record the sessions.

Thanks in advance for helping.


-Vic Podcaster